Everyone is Painting White! Here are Cameron Paints top 5 trim and ceiling whites

by Paul Medeiros February 05, 2021 3 min read

Everyone is painting white! 

Here are Cameron Paints top 5 trim and ceiling whites;

  1. Chantilly Lace OC-65

  2. Simply White OC-117

  3. Oxford White CC-30

  4. Decorator’s White CC-20

  5. Cloud White CC-40

Here are Cameron Paints top 5 wall whites;

  1. Collingwood OC-28

  2. Gray Owl OC-52

  3. Classic Gray OC-23

  4. Gray Mist OC-30

  5. Balboa Mist OC-27

There is an undeniable trend to paint white right now, but in order to make this trend work for the long term you need to GET WHITE RIGHT. And that is easier said than done.  When clients ask me about white they are shocked that there are over 150 of them in Benjamin Moore’s collection. Many are also surprised that there isn’t a universal white colour amongst paints.

Firstly all paint manufacturers are unique andpigments are not universal. That being said, most white pigment in paint today is titanium dioxide which is a cooler, bluer pigment than the old lead based white pigments. Some manufactures try to replicate the white hue of lead-based white with today's less poisonous pigments, while other opt for using only the hue resulting from titanium dioxide and this is why not every company is doing white the same. Mistakenly some customers request “White” or PM-2 hoping that this hue represents a universal white, but as discussed there is no such thing as a universal white and this particular colour formula contains a large amount of grey, often causing a disappointing result when this colour is used without proper consideration.

So how can you navigate your way around Benjamin Moore’s 150 designer whites? Don’t be intimidated because the pallet is very user friendly with a few quick tips.The reason we have so many whites is because Benjamin Moore’s colour pallet was created by designers for design-enthusiast. We believe that white is not “just white” and that consumers deserve the best to choose from.

Firstly know that the off-white collection follows the colour wheel the same way that more saturated colours do, and so all the same colour theory can be applied to white in they same way you were taught in elementary school when learning the colours of the rainbow (ROYGBV - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet). White with each one of these subtle undertones is needed to create the many different atmospheres we wish for in our homes.

Warm whites have rosy, peachy or yellow hues. Many of the whites that work best in our homes have a subtle yellow tone to them. Although many people associate yellow-whites with cream, a trim colour trend currently out of fashion, there are bright whites with touches of yellow that still compliment today’s grey colour trends.  Trim whites like Simply White CC-117 or Oxford White CC-30 coordinate well with our most popular wall colour Revere Pewter HC-172. For a more nostalgic nod towards cream trim without going too far Cloud White CC-40 is still the best, and one of my favorite ceiling colours (it’s like a little bit of sunshine overhead). 

Cool whites contain blue, green, violet and grey hues. Chantilly Lace OC-65 is our most popular cool white for trim as this hue has just a drop of grey allowing the paint to maintain a crisp bright appearance when used in the home. Those who prefer an option with a touch more gray often select Decorator’s White OC-149.  The cooler tones of Chantilly Lace have been made popular by the current gray trend as this option works best with blue-gray wall colours like Stonington Gray HC-170.

The most popular white trend of all has been using these lighter hues not just on trim and ceilings but on our interior walls. Collingwood OC-28 has led the pack when it comes to off whites in the home as this hue is a touch lighter than our most popular grey-trend hue Revere Pewter HC-172. Other warm-grey off-whites have followed to give us the rest of the top five list mentioned (Gray Owl OC-52, Classic Gray OC-23, Gray Mist OC-30 and Balboa Mist OC-27). 

Remember at Cameron Paint we are always here to help and so you can call us (519-491-9994 - Lambton Mall Road location and 519-332-8081 - East Street location) to help. We can answer your questions as well as get you colour chips or tester paint samples for curbside pick-up in any colour you need. Our designer is also available to answer your questions via email (cameronsdesigner@cogeco.net)
Happy Painting.