by Paul Medeiros (owner) March 25, 2021 2 min read

Making our Homes Better (lessons from the pandemic).


The current pandemic has forced us to rethink our lives and how we live them in a radical new way. As we sit inside our homes and look around, many of us have realized we need to make our homes better for our own physical and mental wellbeing. 


The biggest impact to our lives has been many of us are now working from home and/or have students participating in online learning. We now need areas of our home that function as an office or school with comfortable areas to work and view our remote meetings with privacy. You may need to convert a room in your home into an office, preferably with a door for noise control.  Adding a fresh coat of paint to a space can create the professional atmosphere required without having to worry about backgrounds in zoom meetings. Calm neutral hues such as Wish AF-680, Pale Oak OC-20 or Muslin CC-110 create the perfect backdrop. Adding interest behind your camera with a well placed bookshelf or an interesting piece of artwork creates a personalized vignette for your online meetings without having to use generic filters. 


Our homes have also become our refuge of wellness where we exercise, reflect and relax. Digital fitness has allowed us to workout in the comfort of our home. Refreshing your living room’s wall colour can help reflect the spaces’ new multi-functional role and add an energized atmosphere to the space. Fresh pales like Italian Ice Green 2035-70First Light 2102-70 or Caribbean Mist 2061-70 can invigorate a room with life and personality. Try adding these colours in a geometric colour block, a new trend replacing the “feature wall” style.  Don’t forget to add storage for your workout mat and equipment so that the room can be converted into a space for relaxing and binge-watching your new favorite series.  Finish off the space by bringing the outdoors in and adding a houseplant or two.


With continually changes to lockdown measures many of us have changed our relationship with food and find ourselves cooking more often and even trying new recipes. This means your home needs a kitchen that works and feels inspiring. Refreshing old cabinets with a new coat of paint can instantly change a kitchen without needing major renovations. Gentle whites like White Heron OC-57, Cloud White CC-40 or Atrium White OC-145 brighten your kitchen into a fresh clean prep-space. Spoil yourself with some new kitchen appliances that make your cooking more enjoyable like a standing mixer, a food processor or even an espresso machine.


As many of us are turning to online shopping you can get help from your local Cameron Paint Benjamin Moore store online too. Answers to your paint questions are only a click away and when you are ready you can order your paint online too. 


Happy Painting Sarnia - Stacey S.


Stacey’s Pandemic Palette 


Calm Your Office:

Wish AF-680 - Muslin CC-110 - Pale Oak - OC-20

Invigorate Your Living Room:

Italian Ice Green 2035-70 - First Light 2102-70 - Caribbean Mist 2061-70

Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets:

White Heron OC-57 - Cloud White CC-40 - Atrium White OC-145 


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